The greatest video game of all time, due largely to its insane amount of "badassness"
Hey Rick, i would stab a baby to play Borderlands.
by Saber Wookie October 7, 2009
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Funnest Game of all time. Good for when you want to chill with friends and Pop some heads and steal your friends' loot
Guy 1:We are playing Borderlands, not MW2... STOP CAMPING

Guy 2: Dude, My turret is gonna get me a good killstreak though
by Borderlandswin March 21, 2010
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The greatest game ever. 4 player drop in/drop out co-op. 120 quests. Pandora, a land bigger then Oblivion. A loot system like World of Warcraft. 17 MILION GUNS. PVPplayer vs player

Four Classes
RolandSoldier Specialzes in shotguns and assault rifles. His special move is throw a turret with a shield surrounding it to the ground. The turret can drop ammo and give health out and also shoot enmies.

Lilithsiren Specializes in pistols and assault rifles. Special move is phase walk. She turns invisible and while inivisible cannot be hurt.

Bricktank Specializes with shotguns and assault. Is the biggest guy of the group. Can take the most hits. Special move is beserk. Uses his fists to royaly screw over anybody in his path.

Mordecaisniperspecialies with.... what else snipers. Special move is his trusty sidekick BloodWing the hawk. Will help in combat.

This game is scheduled to come out October 20th and i CANT FREAKIN WAIT!!!!
Cristian:Dude i just payed off my borderlands preorder this game is going to rock!!!!

Jedidiah: OMG we gotta coop as soon as this comes out.

Cristian: FCK YEA!!!
by iGotMaBOOMSTICK October 13, 2009
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A good Fallout 3. Everything is like Fallout 3 but greatly improved in the fun department.
Borderlands is the shit
by Xtreme2252 February 13, 2010
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A region of Texas adjacent to the Mexican border, east of El Paso but west of San Antonio.
The Borderlands are also sometimes called the "Borderland" or the "Big Bend" region.
by 21451 November 24, 2011
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To play the best game ever, borderlands. Normally played with friends, family, midgets, or psychotic uncles.
Guy 1 - Wanna borderland?

Guy 2 - Fuck you! You always take my green weapons!
Guy 1 - Those are shit weapons.
by dawqraf June 11, 2015
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a fun game with four player co-op pvp player vs player and 17 mill guns so get it, its for evry console and the pc.
player 1: lets go kill some noobs on mw2.

player 2: hell no lets play borderlands just dont look at stock weps.
by randomninja28 December 13, 2010
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