Danae is a super friendly person, irreplaceable, can be stubborn sometimes, but super loyal, really pretty, really funny and fun and will do anything to protect her friends and family, and last but not least she would do her best to hide her feelings so she has time to help her friends and family
by Crazyhair123 December 7, 2017
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Danae is a very nice person and she is a very responsible girl too. She has very good grades and is also very sporty she has a very pretty face and she loves all her friends and her boyfriend. She thinks of other people before herself.
Danae helps everyone and loves everyone.
by Danae-nay July 24, 2019
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Noun: a beautiful, sexy, wonderful, kind, careing, lovable, and alltogether awsome girlfriend, who is also a songwriter. Also a very good name to write poetry with, due to the large number of words that it rhymes with. She is also a great muse to James, who loves her very much.
O Danae,
what can I say?
I love you more,
With each passing day.
by Jimmmy D DJ December 6, 2010
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One of the coolest characters in *Non Sequitur*, one of the coolest comic strips around. Noted for being preternaturally intelligent, satirical, independent, clever, and sardonic.
Wow, if Danae from *Non Sequitur* ever grew up, she'd be you. I'm happy to know you.
by DancingKali April 11, 2011
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Greek Goddess who gets pregnant by a shower of golden sperm from Zeus and gives birth to a son who comes back to kill her father Argos.

Also a really sweet, hot blonde with mesmerizing green eyes and a cute little white girl booty and tiny boobs.
Damn Zeus really knows how to make love, check out what he did to Danae.

Wow, even though Danae has really small boobs, her face is pretty nice...
by igotmovesbabe July 11, 2014
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Name of a famous painting and some beautiful girl a Greek god had sex with
-Hi I'm Danae
by Gothcat August 3, 2019
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