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A beautiful ,smart and loyal girl with a big fat ass, usually a brown skin that is very well educated
Jahmiah is really funny ,she makes me laugh
by Mariah2212 July 16, 2017
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Jahmiah is an awesome person,most boys like her, have an fat ass. She is beautiful,smart,loyal,Royal she also very popular and is royal everyone wants to be her she haves an lot of besties and is more with long hair and is usually light brown with an mix with Indian and Mexican and Latino and white she very funny and the queen in my city😍❤️😘💍✨ And is everybody dream daughter,sister,bestfriend,bf,idol,fav lipsycn
Jahmiah my dream everything

And my gf
She have an fat ass

And so pretty

And smart
by Leah Tyson June 23, 2018
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