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slang in hawaii for being super drunk or even stunk.
Brah, you were so jagg last night from that Kahlua.
by alexxx420 June 18, 2007
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1. The biggest jerk and liar on earth

2. An elephant or human with overly large ears
3. A guy who breaks your heart after he led you on
4. A guy who makes you care for him, then lies to you
5. A person that cannot ride most rides because they are too short
6. A guy with a dick so small (because half of it is shoved up in his personality)

7. An asshole
8. He's your best friend one day, and then your enemy for life
Jerk liar best enemy
Nancy: "omg i think i found the perfect guy!!"
Karly: "what's his name??"
Nancy: "Jagg!"
*two weeks later*
Karly: "What happened?!?!"
Nancy: "He lied to me about everything!"

boy: "look at that elephant, daddy! is that Dumbo??"
dad: "no, haha, honey, that's just this jerk named Jagg"
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noun; also adj.

1. The abbreviated form of jaggoff used to convey the title of asshole or jerk upon another individual.

2. A style or attitude owing to the silly and/or retarded nature of the event or circumstance.
1. You better shut your mouth jagg.

2. Which way should we do this, the right way or the jagg way?
by MC Greater Than February 20, 2006
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A homo that used to chat in the sports and rec area of MSN chat.
RoyboyFUBX: Hey Jagg
(*)Jagg(*): hi
by lk January 04, 2004
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