slang in hawaii for being super drunk or even stunk.
Brah, you were so jagg last night from that Kahlua.
by alexxx420 June 19, 2007
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The absolute biggest lad ever but gets absolutely no ladies
My mate Jake is the biggest jagg
by Will prese January 12, 2020
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A homo that used to chat in the sports and rec area of MSN chat.
RoyboyFUBX: Hey Jagg
(*)Jagg(*): hi
by lk January 4, 2004
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noun; also adj.

1. The abbreviated form of jaggoff used to convey the title of asshole or jerk upon another individual.

2. A style or attitude owing to the silly and/or retarded nature of the event or circumstance.
1. You better shut your mouth jagg.

2. Which way should we do this, the right way or the jagg way?
by MC Greater Than February 20, 2006
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A person that makes people mad for their pleasures
by Starwarz Addictionz February 22, 2016
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A Pittsburgh insult. Basically a 'jack-off'. But if you call some one in Pittsburgh PA a jagg-off, it is basically like saying 'FUCK YOU'
"I cant believe that them Stillers lost the last game! The coach is such a jagg-off!"
by Riley1618 October 26, 2009
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A contest in which two individuals must do an impersonation of Mick Jagger when the other says, "do your best jagg."
"What's going on?"
"We're having a Jagg off. Hey Tom! Do your best Jagg!"
dances like Mick Jagger
by jones-jones April 25, 2008
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