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Meme Lord (tho he pronounces it as "me-me") also known as Sexy Seabass, Vanilla Ice, Winter Boo Bear, Wiener Soldier, and Sebastian Satan.

Lost Romanian Puppy, who doesn't know anything, ever...

Space Nerd.

Loves karaoke.

Took his girlfriend to McDonald's to get a happy meal after losing his virginity at the Time Hotel in Times Square.

Can't kill a spider cause he is a fluffball.

Goes from cinnamon roll to sinnamon daddy in 0.00091 seconds

His jawline is more structured than your life (let's face it, it's true)

Those thighs of betrayal and what's between them is the reason you sin at night (or maybe 24/7 if you are a hoe)

Adorkable flirty ass who just wants to eat microwaved cookie dough quest bars and talk about lube (or use his hair)

Will probably show you to the beach if you ask nicely...

*Warnings: don't leave your bags at the movie theater cause he will go through them to make sure it's not a bomb; can shamelessly lurk on your instagram stories
Here's a question: do you like Sebastian Stan? If your answer is "no" then here's another one: WHY THE FUCK ARE U LYING, BITCH???
by nutella clit August 15, 2016
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Romanian-American actor, most known for the following films: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Infinity War, I Tonya, The Martian, etc. As of 2018, he is 35 years old, 6 foot tall, and a cinnamon roll.
Wow, Sebastian Stan is awesome!
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by awnyee June 06, 2018
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to fail at putting makeup on... aka: Winter Soldiering

Also... that damn dapper, sexy actor who kind of looks like that guy you know
Pauline! I was trying to do a cat eye/smokey eye and I went and Sebastian Stanned my face. Pinterest tutorials suck.

Sebastian Stan's hair is like sailing on dark waters. You don't know whats underneath, but you just want to grab it and hold on.
by Frodo Swaggins 9 May 16, 2015
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Daddy of all daddies
“Who’s Sebastian Stan”
Oh he’s daddy
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by Your new daddy June 28, 2018
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The cause of my depression (not really) but he is known for the tv show once upon a time and DAmn, and HES most famously known for the captain America movies. By the way, BUCKY BARNES IS NOT A VILLAIN!
Sebastian Stan makes his fans so happy, it warms my heart.
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by God jammit sharol. July 02, 2018
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Sebastian stan is a cute but misunderstood man. You cannot hurt him because though phydicly strong he is but a fragile beauty at heart. He will defend you and will carry all your best intentions as if they were his own. He never betrays a friend even after many a years. Slightly crazed and hilarious at bitter moments, Sebastian will make you smile with seriousness and joy that will inflict upon others. Quickly he will become your fav American and wanted boyfriend, his smile, hair, and other perfect qualities such as hight and adoribleness quickly entrances you as does his warm emotions that you also can't resist. Overall if you have similar anythings you will love Sebastian Stan.
by marvel obsessionist January 20, 2015
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