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A fabulous ginger with voluptuous hair. She looks like Crowley from Good Omens and is an excellent musician with a truly wonderful fashion sense. She vaguely resembles a boy named Edward but is 10x the man he will ever be. A brilliant friend who always makes the best cakes for cake Mondays in any English Literature class. You should always invite her to your Halloween party. Overall, a great human being. 10 out of 10 stars. Would talk to again.
Person 1: Ooh these cakes are scrumptious
Person 2: Yeah, that's because they're Clara's!
by TheBestNinckyNonckers October 30, 2021
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Ben Barnes' betrothed and beloved; officially the funniest person alive. This has been confirmed by God Himself. A Wattpad Queen who loves reading and wrote a wonderful novel regarding two teachers. She won the Smarties Book Award for her contributions to modern literature and is soon to receive the Young Lions Fiction Award. River Phoenix from beyond the grave is incredibly jealous of her attachment to Benny boy. The love triangle grows stronger every day. It has been cited by a myriad of sources that every boy would be incredibly lucky to have such a lovely, hilarious and fit individual.
Person 1: Wow, she's fit ain't she? Who is that?
Person 2: Well I think you'll find that's Jadzia. Don't try anything, she's married to Ben Barnes!
by TheBestNinckyNonckers October 30, 2021
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