A complete and total badass young lady.
May or may not Blood walk down busy streets. Usually accompanied by a boy toy she keeps in check at all times.
That Hannah is certainly NO Jaders.
by NGnigga. July 25, 2008
Good companion with profound knowledge on music, art, literature and radical political views. Jader is a unique friend you can’t find elsewhere! I have a Jader and I won’t trade him for any other chap. He acts like a giant cat and is adorable in his own ways!
A: Have you seen Jader?
B: No… he’s probably at the smoking corner with a bottle of Vodka.
by Lemonbutter69 December 13, 2022
Jader will be anyone’s friends, whatever race, gender, or opinions, she’ll be by your side. She’s kinda shy when you first meet her, but once your friendship grows, she doesn’t stop talking! Not even for one second!
Boy, Jader is awesome!”
by I deserve a bestie award! November 19, 2019
A drastic term declared on others to tarnish their rep. To be used with extreme discretion.
ME: I declare jaders on Shawn!
Crowd: Ohhh Dizamn!
by THESZA October 24, 2002
Someone who has done someone else wrong. Eg. Someone who has jaded others.
Dude that guy is a jader. What.
by THESZA October 24, 2002
Main character in the crittically aclaimed series "The Jader Boy Series"`
by bbbbb November 4, 2003