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Might be a little introverted at first, but will open up more to you if you stay around for a little. Is a true friend/lover. Don’t hurt them, they probably won’t give you a second chance, since they let you be a part of their everyday life (such as activities or holidays). Won’t hesitate to fight for the good or defend someone that has been treated badly.
“Someone just made me a compliment, it was very unexpected, but it was so nice!”
Oh that might’ve been Jacquelin she’s so lovely!”
by misterstarkidontwannago August 04, 2018
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Usually a young lady of Caucasian descent that pretends to be black. Has awful taste ugly ass men, 7/10...she is very sensitive but not afraid to throw down. Has lots of sexual experience and isn’t afraid to admit it. A bully...but protective of her friends. Has child-like anger issues to go along with her child-like height. Jacky for short.
Person one: “I heard someone was talking about me.”
Person two: “Oh, it had to be Jacquelin
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by candacerm13 May 31, 2018
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