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The best friend you will ever meet he is so smart, awesome and cool! As soon as you meet him you will never forget him.
Jacopo made a party its going to be awesome LETS GO THERE!
by Micheal the dude in tv April 05, 2018
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An Italian man who, under false pretenses, is convinced that you are a) cheating on him with every male with 2 legs b) is the reincarnation of Tupac c) makes Captain Hook look like the world's swiftest bartender d) after his first few goes at his DJing career, is now only hired at parties for deaf children
Jacopo is DJ'ing tonight? Oh cool, let's go anywhere else.
by Jacopo Fan Club February 22, 2012
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The most annoying but kind of irritating person. He will get on your nerves and make you feel like punching him. He can be funny...sometimes, but most of the time, Jacopo just makes annoying jokes. Summary: HE IS A TOTAL DICK HEAD
P.S: He is trans
oh my gosh, that Jacopo kid is so annoying with his transformations!
by Someone69person69 March 24, 2019
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