The most sexiest guy in the world. The best thing since cataract surgery and thank God for that because you would not want to miss out on gazing on such beauty and charm. Exceptional friend, boyfriend, lover and father. His uniqueness drives you wild and his charm transports you into a world of fantasy. Despite the fact there's many girls after him at the moment, there will only be one girl that his heart yearns for and she's not too far away. He loves soccer, exquisite threads, sex, pizza and chilling out with his friends rotating the chat driven shisha. Get yourself a Jack if you don't already have one because you need him in your life. No Jack No Life! Love you baby...
Jack looks so hot in his Hugo Boss Suits
by taintedtruelove August 13, 2017
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Jack is the one person you want to hang around and be with. He is funny, random and he is truly "the shit".
Jack is the shit!!!
by Fat Link February 25, 2010
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To pull a Jack is to shit on the top of a car then sit in it. Then hold your legs straight up as high up as they can go. Then to grab your toes. Then slide down the windshield screaming "AARRMAAGGEEDDOONN!!!!".

My mom was so pissed when I pulled a Jack on her new car...
by jayksd May 15, 2013
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awesome. yet sometimes annoying. cool brother. pain. good listener. half trustworthy. i love him
"ohhh emmmghee, he's such a jack!"
by christophermbr August 17, 2009
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Toilet in Ireland. Usually the gent's toilet. Usually covered in piss maybe with a shite in the urinal. Accompanied by humerous and often informative grafitti.
Great stories on the walls in the Jacks! I've piss up to my knees though.
by D November 10, 2003
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The most perfect guy ever.
Most commonly know for being clever.
Is liked more than people with the name of shane.
Rick is a Shane, but Paul is a Jack
by llatiwonk May 09, 2009
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Its an action of pulling a super slick CIAish move like Jack Bauer from 24. When you pull a Jack its something amazing that will save your or the whole world. When you Jack it means that you have just made a BEAST move or you have achieved superiority. When you pull a Jack it means that you have gotten yourself out of something that no one else could've except for Jack Bauer-Kiefer Sutherland
Wow he went all Jack on his ass
Yeah dude you just wonder why the police keep chasing him
I don't know all i know is man he is amazing
Yeah he always pulls a JACK
by beast23chicago March 28, 2009
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