Initially used in the show "Samurai Jack", as an alternative to dude. It has recently resurfaced and is being used instead of words like bro, broski, man, etc.
Person 1: Yo, what's up, Jack.
Person 2: Not too much, Jack
by Alexander Mel December 31, 2019
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Jack is a term used in the south usually In Memphis Tn which means fight or let’s fight
Tell that mane over there we can jack
by Cashmade May 8, 2020
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Jack is a very homely person, he always knows how to cheer one up, Everyone knows he deserves the world but unfortunately he doesn't, If only Jack knew his worth. Very kind and funny. Cute and charming too!
Oh boi it's a Jack, hide your wives
by Laurenm March 7, 2018
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jack that phone and we can sell it

i just got jacked
by Toothpick Slinger October 16, 2019
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Jack can be a bit of a pedo or a perv sometimes... well actually most of the time. Yes, he’ll talk about people’s dicks, yes he’ll say he’ll shag the person to his right but he can be a bit of a sweetheart too, he’s always been there for me when i needed someone to talk to and yes he may just randomly fucking leave in the middle of a conversation but he has always been a shoulder to cry on and i know i can always trust him. At first you may not think he is special but give it some time and he’ll act like himself.
Me: Hey jack... could i talk to you for a minute..?
Jack: Sure whats wrong
Me: Well i just have so much stress on me right now with people calling me a slut or whore, and after jacob breaking up with me and all this stress and secrets i dont know who i can trust anymore
Jack: Dont worry, you did nothing wrong, its them not you. If they want to say you’re a slut or a whore it means they have nothing better to do in their life than mess with yours. Plus, you can always trust me

Me: Thanks but what abou-
Jack: *fucking evaporated*
by Turquoise_wølf February 6, 2020
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The most popular name in the UK for males.

Usually present in amazing lads who have great personalitys, great looks and a strong character. Jack the who is up for a laugh always
you a Jack The Lad
Jack your a dude.
by jrwoodie April 2, 2008
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