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A woman with the perfect balance of sexy, cute, and crazy. Very intelligent and musically gifted. Known for her fabulous curly hair, and great butt. A little on the short side, but still the perfect girl!
"That girl looks super stylin and she knows it, she's such a Jacinda"
by Jamaican-Dancer July 08, 2012
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A beautiful, smart, kind and adventurous woman. Known for her sense of humour, witty comebacks and knowledge of health foods :) An all around awsome human being.
Bobo: Wow! Jacinda is looking hot.

Jeeves: ya i know and did you get to try what she made for lunch, delicious!
by JohnnyJoeBobFinklestine February 06, 2010
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Mrs Class Act herself, she walks with confidence and swag, Sexy yet reserved, flirtatious and still respected. Curiosity piques as your glance turns to gaze and gazing turns to staring, soon you are in full obsession mode.Thoughts of her plague your mind nonstop.

She knows she has what you want. She also knows you will never get it. Because she is taken and LOYAL is her middle name.
"I can't stop thinking about that Jacinda of a woman!"

"That woman is such a Jacinda, she is way out of my league"

"I wish I had a Jacinda, to come home to every night"
by mrs class act February 02, 2010
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