In wrestling: a jobber.
In reality: Dumbass. Loser. A no good son of bitch. Talks a lot of shit but can never back it up.
Calvin: Do wanna pick up some McDonald’s?
Kiff: Sure
*gets to McDonald’s*
Calvin: Dude I forgot my wallet, can you pay for me?
Kiff: you’re a fucking jabroni
by TheRealGeech November 30, 2019
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A loser, poser, lame-ass.

One who talks the talk, but could never walk the walk.

One who talks shit and doesn't back it up, but rather ends up eating their shit in return.

A fuckin 'tard.
Bill: "Hey Bob, you're a big pussy!"
Bob: "oh yeah, well..(breaks Bill's face in half)...who's the fuckin' pussy now you fuckin Jabroni?!"

Damn Jabroni's, I'm always breaking my foot off in their asses!
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
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Pronounced: Jah-bro-nee
Plural: Jabronis
Pronounced: Jah-bro-nee-ss

Jabroni is - to me and maybe some others - is a one-size-fits-all insult. Jabroni can be used to insult anyone for anything. They could be a poser, a lame-ass, a d*ck, an asshole, a motherf*cker, really anything.{1} The pluses to using jabroni over more traditional insults such as the ones listed previously are that it's not used often - giving an enriched and more important and potent insult{2} - and that you can use it for anything as said before. If you're teacher is being just a c*nt, call them a jabroni. He/She will not know what that means, and you can tell them it's a positive thing. Meanwhile everyone else knows that someone just straight-up called them a(n) *INSERT INSULT HERE*.{3}

The word jabroni is a new-age insult. It's a new word; we've seen it be created. Origin shows usage from WWE wrestling. Where "The Rock" uses jabroni to describe a "jobber". How some discovered it in the form shown here was from the Vinesauce live streams. The song "The End?" by "The Four Jabronis" is linked here.
{1} "Kyle is such a jabroni."
{2} James: "Hey Donald, you're a f*cking dick."
Donald: "Well James, you're a jabroni!"
James: "Uhh..."
{3} Mr. I. C. Weenur: "Alright ya little s*its, you have to do homework over Spring Break. Read chapter 69 then make a 2 page summary with at least 2,000 words."
Ben: "Mr. Weenur, you're a serious jabroni."
Mr. I. C. Weenur: "What's that?!"
Ben: "A good teacher..."
Mr. I. C. Weenur: "Okay."
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Used by Mac in Always Sunny. Badass word. A piece of shit. A loose end. And a complete moron.
Mac: We're like a couple jabronis here without skates on.
Charlie: Bro, you keep using this word "jabroni" and it's AWESOME.
by PrinceRoshambo May 19, 2021
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An asshole. As in: “Look at this fucking asshole!”
Like, if you see someone riding down the middle of the street on a unicycle, naturally you’ll say “look at this fucking asshole.” That’s how you know, the fate feared by all, one worse than skinny ankles, that they’re a fucking jabroni.
“What’re you doing jabroni?”
“Look at this jabroni pouring his milk before the cereal
“Yo jabroni stop being a hoe”
...and renditions thereof
by jcgu July 9, 2018
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A punk/idiot. Someone who you try to avoid. Someone with no redeeming qualities.
Oh hey look it's Pauly c! What a jabroni. We should probably leave.
by Ct860 December 11, 2013
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Jabroni is really an Italian profanity. It is slang for "ass hole" or "dumb ass"
hey you freakin "Jabroni" whats the matter with you?
by Brian atenco May 26, 2004
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