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1. A friend, buddy.

2. A friendlier word for "idiot".

3. Someone that farts in the bathtub and then plays with the bubbles and sniffs the farts.
OMG you jabrone, you've been in the bathroom forever!
by Bill Appleball September 04, 2008
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A derogatory term used to describe someone as an idiot or a fuck up. Typically used by white people who are too white to get away with calling someone a 'cabron' or other equally Latin insult. Also used by fake ass wops to sound more Italian.
"dude quit picking your nose in public, those chicks are gonna think we're a couple of jabrones."
by Creeping Gibs January 04, 2011
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While possessing many definitions, a "Jabrone" is usually understood as a goofy or somehow inferior male individual. For instance, they most likely spend their time at the gym, and work some job that pays well that they got out of high school. They tend to be viewed as inadequate by their male peers, yet they still land attractive girls due wholly to their looks. They are often the "guy she tells you not to worry about" types.
Guy 1: That girl I like is with that other dude...
Guy 2: sure guy but that dude is a total jabrone
by Dr. Lawrence May 13, 2017
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Used as slang for a person of African descent. Originally taken from the movie, "Tarzan" as the name of one of the predominant tribes in the area.

Returned to common usage in late 20th century by wrestling entertainers Jerry Lawler and The Rock.
look at that jabrone, he's been sitting there all day.
by BritW March 28, 2006
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also dirty jabrones; the worst form of diarrhea possible. uncontrolable explosive diarrhea that burns immediately afterwords.
Sara barely made it to the toilet before explosive jabrones splashed water all over her behind.
by Jimmer Jamore March 25, 2008
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To blow one's partner while both of you are fully immersed in water. Underwater head.
Dude, my girl and I went to the beach today and I totally got jabroned!

Yeah man, he has never been jabroned.
by Noonelikesedwardcullen June 18, 2009
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