A rapper who is often confused with pop.
I got in a fight with my girlfriend over Ja Rule, then her attatude got all shitty after that. Damn you Ja Rule!
by Nick July 16, 2003
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a new york rapper wich is really hot so shut the fuck up you haters ... he's done some really good songs ..he cant help it with his voice so back off
ja rule-im from new york ft jadakiss and fat joe
by jagdish November 11, 2006
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ja rule is a ugly fucky rapper that needs 2 stop tryin 2 diss em and 50 and just learn that no one likes him and needs 2 stop tryin 2 act all hood with his retarded murda inc and his little gay source mag.
who is the stupidest rapper ever? ja rule. yah u win
by me February 18, 2005
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a wack ass rapper who has to turn his back on a album shoot to get more records

Ja Rule = shit/insult

"you look like Ja Rule"
by j0r93 November 05, 2005
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Bad rapper. Girls think he has good body? Ashantis there for him all the time helping him out and such.Bad
look at all his songs for an example all rubbish no voice id say his the worst person ive ever heard next to 50 cent.
by Jennifer March 30, 2005
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