person who loves, support and protect jonaxx at all cost
JSLs are the best
by Cody Flammia June 25, 2020
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Jsl stands for “Josh Schorn Laugh” which is a much better term than the old Lol.
That joke was a Jsl
by UBS_21101 January 26, 2019
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JSL, also known as Jam Stick Limit, it is the limit of when using a jam container is not advised, because it is sticky.
Joe: Wow, this jam container is stuck to my hand.
Jack: I told you it was past its JSL
by Joe Jam Stick February 9, 2010
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Stands for "just shat laughing"
Ahahaha I literally jsl cuz of that.
by Dorkybork December 14, 2017
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A word in which has no meaning. Usually used when there is nothing to say on the internet.
Bob: Where do you want to eat?

Dave: aslfjaskl;fjaskl;jsl;kghwl
by Brahskees March 8, 2014
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CEO of breaking their own rules.
Approved, mocked, laughed at someones disorder.
"JSL admins are clowns."
"JSL admins are insensitive."
by asawanipercival December 10, 2020
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