JMoney is the act of taking practice in the art of smoking marijuana for pleasure and/or buisness reasons.
Examples are when one goes to JMoney in a museum bathroom or JMoneying before deep classes such as Anthropology.
by Risk December 4, 2013
Jmoney is well known on the online game and has been referenced by some as one of the top 50 players of all time. Jmoney is a member of the team Large Dongs and is teammates with betch, Soupmix, noot, and naarla.
Don’t mess with Jmoney
I heard that, on May 17th, 2020, Jmoney and the rest of Large Dongs covered the entire map.
by player May 17, 2020
Jmoney is a hofo sho. Hes a fighter he took down some great legends like hoogie fucker and publes porta. An up and coming rapper with a dick like a fucking polor bear.
kristi: Did you see Jmoney in altoona again fight pubeless porta.

brandi: Fuck yea he was fully erect the intire time. His Dick reminded me of a polor bear...

Big Dick Jmoney hoogie fucker pubeless porta herpies beat down raper polar bear
by brandi girl-perv November 7, 2009
1. the greatest rapper alive

2. a person with a huge penis or penis giving abilities

3. a dance phenom
damn, you hear that new jmoney track?

hes almost as good in bed as jmoney

that bitch can grind like a jmoney
by 12 inches of steel September 5, 2008
JMoney disease is a non-contiguous infection that causes an endless hunger. You may gain over 7 times your normal weight. The only known cure is to exercise, eat healthy, and don't play Fortnite.
Damn cuh, stop eating so much or you'll catch JMoney disease.
by El Cheque November 17, 2019
Jmoney is a boy who falls in love with a girl named Madison but he cheats and flirts with other girls while she stay loyal and to herself but she love him but she know he doesn't feel the same way but at the end he will start to care more about her.
Jmoney is sooooo fineee
by cappalotmariee March 24, 2022