Either John F kennedy or John F Kerry. Both very smart and good people.
1. JFK was a great president, it's a pitty he was killed.

2. I really hope JFK wins the 2004 election.
by Cory October 26, 2004
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while playing halo 3 snipe the passenger or gunner in warthog or the passenger in the mongoose while its in motion
i jfk'd raul while he was gunning billy.
by anti cupid March 08, 2008
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The act of a male flashing their pubic hair at his friends in order to gain the satisfaction of trickery.
Hahaha!!! I JFKed Ian and he almost passed out!
by Sambo314 July 13, 2006
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When you turn over a shot glass, fill it with tequila, and then snort it. It gets the name JFK because it is a shot to the head like the assasination of President John F Kennedy.
Dude, I got some tequila, let's do some JFKs.
by N8224 July 27, 2016
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1) The act of shooting your load into your partners mouth and hitting the back of the throat with a high velocity. Almost as if it was getting blown out the back of their head. Hence the name.
"Hey, i just gave my girl the JFK!"
by Slang master May 28, 2016
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Aside from the president, this name is commonly know amongst dance punk/electro lovers. All because of Jesse Frederick Keeler, former bassplayer of Death from Above 1979 and currently one of the two DJ's in the DJduo MSTRKRFT.
1#: "Dude, this rocks, what is it?"
2#: "Death from Above 1979..."
1#: "Definitely want to see them perform live"
2#: "Too bad they broke up long ago"
1#: "Why!"
2#: "The bassplayer, JFK, seemed to have serieus arguements with drummer Seb..."
1#: "Too bad..."
by GraingerIV February 18, 2009
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When you take too many drugs and something so awesome, say a live concert, causes the back of your head to explode.
I totally JFK'd when I saw Tool at Bonnaroo.
by Robby Hart July 19, 2009
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