Verb: To hamstring an organization through short-sighted management, often involving no-trade-clauses
Did you see that trade? Is he trying to JFJ his team?
by e-Macer March 03, 2008
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Jumping for joy. An acronym similar to lol used to express happiness or great joy over instant messaging or text.
Person 1: Dude I'm so happy the Giants won!

Person 2: I know, I'm literally jfj!
by steelyhard July 10, 2010
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A noun meaning junior fat jesus, or entailing a smallish fat ass that has a similar appearance to jesus. Often used towards an obese kid that looks way older than their actual age. Characteristics include negligence of shaving facial hair, large consistent appetite, and the carrying of a satchel (man purse).
"Man Delilah looks like a JFJ these days."
" I know, someone should tell her about the invention of the razor."

"I think she carries one in her satchel."
by pinata slayer January 26, 2010
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JFJ stands for jews for jesus. but i dont thhink that makes ne sense. well first of all jews dont believe jesus is our savior. well that is all. if u would like to talk to a JFJ. I.M. Xugotthebestofme. that is his sn
yo JFJ is so anti pwnster.
by Ceymore Johnson March 13, 2005
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