Just Fuck Already! When you are sick and tired of a couple moping around and pining for each other, especially exes, and the UST has maxxed out and you want them to quit stalling, yell JFA! Optional to append JHFC! when it drags on and on. "Ship" fans often feel this way.
"This damn breakup has gone on long enough. We know you're still in love, so JFA!"
"A year later, Oliver and Felicity have so much UST! Guys? Either move on or JFA! JHFC!"
by Puddintan3 June 12, 2017
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internet/text messaging shorthand for "just fucking around," can be used in any situation where you went too far or accidentally said something honest and you regret it, or if you're genuinely just fucking around.
"pardon me, but could i bother you for a gram of krokodil?"
"wait wut"
"jfa bruh i wanna keep my skin"
by Stellarfoxy December 06, 2015
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stoner420shibby: drugs? what are those
rabbbid beaver: your jfa right?
stoner420shibby: i forget more then you know
by Ace-uh December 19, 2004
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stands for Jodie Foster's Army
a kick ass skate punk band formed in the 1980 around phoenix
After listening to "Skateboard" by JFA me and my friends went to go do the fullofshit high stairs
by Anaheim Bitches June 07, 2009
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This is short for " just fucking around" ; used in IMing.
Hoe: hey.. sup?
You: nm... jfa. u?
Hoe:same here
by Abz Gupta August 22, 2008
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