A caring, nice girl whose heart has been broken but manages to stay strong through all the painful times. A girl who's positive and considers herself beautiful, ignores people's thoughts and opinions. A girl who knows how to manage being hurt. A girl who knows how to deal with things herself. A girl who laughs about everything. A girl who encourages others to be happy. A girl whose goal is to be happy. A girl who can't be alone. A girl that doesn't care about her class rank as long as she understands what she's doing. A girl who has been loved by many people. A girl who is very supportive. A girl who helps others and cares for her family. And a girl who works hard for her goals.
" Jei is such a caring and happy person. "
by 예쁜.11 December 19, 2016
Is in the same family as: TMI and FYI. Meaning Just Enough Information
Guy 1: "So then I pulled down my pants..."

Guy 2 (interrupting): "Whoa man, that's JEI"
by Kron Krandall January 31, 2009
Joking in Extreme Inconvinience
Guy 1: My dad was attacked by a cat and is now paralysed.....
Guy 2: HA HA HA
Guy 1: Its not funny. That's so JEI.
by TheMynxandI July 4, 2010
tim:ur JEI

bob:head blows up "oooooooooof'
by slayerboiboi October 23, 2018
A beautiful charming girl, that is both good at academics and sports. She is well-liked, and her positivity is contagious.

However, you should not mess with a Jey because it may just be the end of your life.
Damn! Aren't you beautiful Jey!
by -cccauseI'mAmazing August 24, 2019