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A sexy person with an incredible long dick, he kind, sweet and loyal
"We love Jey"
by Jasminlovesyou101 February 28, 2017
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From "XC Jey Boy" - a homosexual man who rides cross country bikes with flat handlebars and a saddle so high his puckered anus faces the sky.
"You're fucking jey."
"Don't be such a jey boy."
by BigPimpDaddy May 07, 2004
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Jey is the british term for girly man. Originally referred to looking homosexual when riding a Cross Country Mountain Bike.
It looks so jey when you wear that pink outfit; I mean, you're a guy!
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That jey over there is being mad jey about this whole jeying situation.
by Rachel March 20, 2005
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man jey was so fuckin fine dawg, i almost nutted just by looking at her face!
by jeythagreat February 28, 2018
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