Jeep has 2 acronyms

acronym 1: Just Empty Every Pocket
Acronym 2: Just Expect Every Problem

Jeeps are objectively the best automobile ever designed but man can they be a pain in the ass sometimes.
guy 1: dude I got a J.E.E.P the other day
Guy 2: Damn, is that good or bad for you?
Guy 1: It hurts ever so often but it will always take me wherever i want to go!
Guy 2: Man, I wish I had a jeep!
by MynameJeff69 March 30, 2017
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Military acronym for "Just Enough Experience to Post".

Used in the US Air Force Security Police/Security Forces career field to describe the new guy fresh out of basic training and tech school. The aforementioned new guy is typically an idiot and is almost always the guy who screwed up somehow, someway.
How do we explain to the LT that the Jeep managed to set the truck on fire with a fucking burrito wrapper? (actual event)
Shit, the Jeep just fucked up again.
Grab the Jeep and get him back on the line.
by Jovat August 15, 2017
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Acronym for Just Enough Eduction To Post. Used widely in U.S. Air Force security forces to describe a new flight member.
Hey, JEEP, you see those fucking planes? They have officers in them, yeah? So why the fuck aren't you saluting them?
by SFHG April 10, 2009
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Used in the military to denote new recruits. A derogotory term which is short for Junior Enlisted Expendable Personnel.
Commander: "Hey, JEEP. Draw the enemy's fire so we can escape."
by desPERRYado January 8, 2006
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1. Being in the act of not giving a fuck.

2. Awareness that you're the shit.

Similar to real-life plot armor.

A reference to how people feel while driving an SUV; you can drive as reckless as you want, because if you get into an accident, your car will always be fine compared to the other person's.
Person 1: Be careful merging here, this intersection sucks
Person 2: Don't care...IN A JEEP

Person 1: Nic Cage ruled in Bad Lieutenant
Person 2: Yeah, he was in a jeep that whole movie

Person 1: What did you do last night?
Person 2: Nothing, drank 40's and listened to Megadeth
Person 1: Oh shit, in a jeep.

Person 1: Jim James is so overrated.
Person 2: I'm pretty sure he's never even been in a jeep.
by infrared_warrior October 9, 2011
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The most kickass vehicle on the face of the planet. Will go anywhere when properly equpped. Will crush little rice-boys no problem.
THat Jeep ZJ just ramped that Honda!!
by GO AMERICA!! April 4, 2003
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Fourwheeling in a jeep
You goin Jeeping this afternoon?
by T22 June 30, 2007
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