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is unbelievabley unique
everyone needs a little of jadelin's spunk in their coffe... tea... how about me? YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!
by Jadelin June 17, 2008
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Jadelin. Is an awesome friend. She is unique in many ways and a very dependable person. She is a really good artist and she is funny. She's also good at making jokes. Right now she has short hair but I know it'll get longer.
Random girl: "Who's that girl you always hang out with?"

Me: "Her name is jadelin and she's an awesome friend."

By: Shaelyn Carvalho
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A girl with an attitude .she is beautiful , sexy , , and charming . Alot of boys fall for her cuz of her being beautiful
Jadelin name come from her dad's and moms name conjoined.....bye .
by Jadelinโ™ก April 20, 2018
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