16 definitions by Random homo sapien

When you trade 600 wheat for 1 emerald
News: Man sells TV for remote
Me, an intellectual: Stonks
by Random homo sapien June 14, 2019
probably the most pessimistic view on the internet
urban dictionary: (thing) is a sexual act that involves...

Urban dictionary: (thing) is basically hell
by Random homo sapien September 14, 2019
The ultimate level of sheer boredom, achieved by typing 2 letters at a time, right to left, then up to down
me: bored
me: polkmiujhnbytgfvcredsxzwqa
by Random homo sapien November 9, 2019
A pass that allows use of the word retard, primarily given by autistic people.
Autism boi: Wanna r word pass?
Other guy: Sure
Autism boi: Here you go
Other guy: Bye retard
by Random homo sapien November 15, 2019