A Swedish name. It means "bonde" or "farmer".
Tjeeeenare Jörgen
by Arn De Gothia March 9, 2018
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The name of PewDiePie's horse in his minecraft let's play.
PewDiePie: *turns around*
Jörgen: *Gone*
PewDiePie: JÖRGEN?!
by Pistus01 June 29, 2019
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The best physics teacher in the world. He’s here to kick physics and teach ass. Fashionable, helpful and cool. Plays DnD like a boss. Wont tell us what game he and his friends played.
Name like a norse god.
That guy looks like he'd make a great Jörgen Ivar Silk.
Jörgen Ivar Sikk - a cool physics teacher
by Paul muad’dib November 23, 2021
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