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Beautiful and short girl with a good attitude and caring. She is a quite person. A good listener and all boys want to know her because of her special characters.
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by Chloe56 December 27, 2016
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A sophisticated girl yet like an open book at times, but still an amazing person to spend time with. She enjoys every second that she spent baking and cooking, and claims herself to be trypophobia.
Loves her family, those two kids (more like daughters of her cousin), travelling and organic fruits (preferably rockmelon).
She's one of a kind, undeniably..
"Dude, look at her."
"She's so izzati."
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by blurp blurp February 15, 2017
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A prettiest person that can make you melting and she also like to laugh even she down. She is lovable person and always think positive. The guy who get her will be the luckiest person because of her unique personality ,she like a warm person actually
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by Newrain May 23, 2018
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She's a very beautiful person, a smart one and also kind. She loves to help other people but she tends to keep her problems to herself. Not to forget, she'll pass her studies with flying colours. Sometimes, she's being childish because she wants attention. Her brown eyes can make all the guys to fall for her. Her sweet smiles can make you forget about your problem. She's unique and please tell her to love herself.
Me : Well, Izzati is my girlfriend.

My friend : Even by hearing her name, I know that she's a perfect one.
by fexux September 17, 2019
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