a cloud that produces bad weather
Bob: that looks like a cumulonimbus cloud Chris get your ass in the house Chris: ok ur the cloud expert
by weathrguy April 27, 2010
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What mike khoury says when speaking about someone smoking out of an homemade hookah
Mike Khoury: Oh yah dude, fat clouds. Cumulonimbus.
by _papismurf_ December 25, 2018
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During the act of fornication, right before climax the giver blows a fat vape cloud blinding the receiver. The giver then retreats behind the cloud and proceeds to rain semen onto the unsuspecting recipients face
She wasn't really enjoying my cocktapus so I hit her with the CUMulonimbus cloud and I gave her an eye infection, she wanted $20 for copay
by Malk69 April 5, 2018
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