Izza is a name from Arabic origin, which means power or brave. Izza is a girl who knows the meaning of friendship, she's afraid to lose a friendship, she might be emotionless at times, but that's the time she's feeling something the most. Izza is a beautiful girl and has a great taste in everything<3
Izza will also give u the honest opinions and the answers
I need some advice, let's ask izza!
by Lara Jean May 5, 2021
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A funny lazy awesome girls who LIKE BLACK . Izza is a smart yet stupid girl , who's always sticking up for her friends and family , she's also very loyal
Person: yay izzas here
Person2: YES
by cooking expert November 8, 2016
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Izza is a sweet kinded beautiful young girl she tall for a girl she might not have a the best looking ass but she can still get a boyfriend she cares about her friends and is always laughing and having fun
damn I just got a girl friend she is such a izza
by High hdkkxjfjdjs October 23, 2016
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a nickname for a girl who may seem rude or unkind, but is in actuality one of the best friends anyone could get. Super loyal and always willing to cheer someone in their friend group up. The best friend anyone could ask for, along with that one girl who calls herself a duck.
izza is a great person, even if she only wears overwatch hoodies!
by thegayofthegroup May 1, 2020
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A suffix added to some words to add a ghetto style to it.
What's up my nizza. Pass that shizza my way so I can take a hit off that.
by gundamNIT January 16, 2003
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It means a very cute, adorable, affectionate person. It is used for females. Such person can be very sweet, but when angry, can create a havoc. They are sporty, active and zealous people. They can make you laugh with funny things they do. They are very generous in nature.
You are the correct definition of Izza Ikram.
You are as cute as Izza Ikram.
by OMGWolverine November 2, 2014
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Amazing rap artist from Nashville TN,Has 10 Mixtapes out
..also a rapper who doesnt rap about guns and drugs and stupid stuff like every other rapper
John: man u hear that new stix izza shit?

Chris: Yeah man stix izza is the SHIT! i love his music!
by Juleus November 20, 2007
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