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Izel is a very funny loveable person but will drop kick ur ass the second u fuck with her. She is a very trustworthy and loyal friend and hates fake people and friends
OMG shes such an izel
by jorgeloljhbsackvd812 April 06, 2016
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izel is a bomb ass person.
she tends to rely on others but always knows how to do stuff herself when needed.
she has all the qualities of a great best friend and likes to act crazy all the time.
it’s really hard to earn her trust and if you do then you get to know everything.
she’s always there to listen and always knows what to say.
she is a very positive person which can get annoying sometimes but you still love her.

all around she is a great person.
“you know izel the one who stands out in a crowd.”
by syre carter March 19, 2020
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Izel is the most amazing person u will ever meet. She is pretty and and has an awesome personality
That girl is such an izel. I wish she was my gf.
by Flurryfish April 28, 2012
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A person who seems like an introvert and acts like an introvert but believes she is an extrovert.

She is extremely caring and wil love you until the end if you treat her right. An Izél is a small person and very cute. Excellent in spelling. Has great music taste.

Sometimes she will bully you but that is her way of showing affection.

When you meet an Izél, give her a bottle of champagne to earn brownie points.

Wow, she has such good travel vibes! She must be an Izél.

Friend1: I want to date an Izél!
Friend2: ME TOO
Friend3: Who doesn’t?
by Donkerman January 15, 2021
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Izel is a very dumb person but she’s lovable and she’s very loyal and she can be a very goofy person and will beat your ass if you get her mad shes smart in a way and she is also a very lonely person sometimes
by Rosieee2946 October 13, 2019
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Funny, kind and sweet girl who never parts with her partner in crime Millie but when their together don’t mess with them other wise u might want to watch out
She’s a izel
by Itslucyyyybitch June 29, 2019
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