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The place your parents wanted you to go to, but even YOUR dumbass knew you wouldn't get in.
I went to an Ivy League, now I have a bachelors degree and over 100,000 in debt because I wasn't very poor or very rich!
by No Lies, Only Truth August 06, 2016
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A group of eight universities in the Northeastern United States that are regarded to be the best colleges in the country (or even the world). Coined by sports writer Caswell Adams in 1937 as a term for the then-powerful eastern football league, it originally included Army and Navy as well.

Since then, it is the aspiration of many high school students (and their parents) to get an "Ivy League Education"
Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale are the colleges of the Ivy League.
by BKred October 16, 2004
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Original origin comes from the plant 'Ivy', in which these plants usually tend to creep upon the walls of buildings. As ivy plants grow extensively for years, these buildings may still remain, giving these buildings a good reputation of their existence.
Universities such as Harvard and Yale are Ivy League because they have been in existence for a long period of time because the ivy plants that grow on the walls of their buildings signify of how long the buildings were there.
by Rusty Moire March 13, 2014
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Over a century ago, an interscholastic athletic league was formed by Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Princeton. It was officially known as the "Four League." The Roman numeral "IV" was often used instead of the word four and the term "IV League" came into use. When spoken, the IV was spelled out and sounded like "Ivy League." Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell and Pennsylvania were the major opponents of the IV league, and in the early 1900's were members of the league.
by Bobby Steele April 21, 2005
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A collegiate sports conference that places academics first and athletics seconds, the Ivy League is the only Division I athletic conference that refuses to grant athletic scholarships. All schools also refuse to grant athletic scholarships, or any financial aid of any kind that isn't directly need-based.

People like to associate Ivy League with any extremely prestigious American university, but that is incorrect. Some schools, like Stanford, MIT, and Duke are academically on-par with schools in the Ivy League, but they are not Ivy League schools.

Some public schools brag that they are public ivy schools, referencing a book written years ago. It probably just means they have a misguided superiority complex.
The Ivy League consists of Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and Princeton.
by iLikeSoup February 23, 2010
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A group of eight of the supposed most prestigious schools in the United States.

An athletically superior conference a century ago that has faded into obscurity as state schools nation-wide have bolstered their athletic programs.

Similar to athletics, other schools are slowly catching up academically.

At present, the term "Ivy League" has a negative connotation, and insinuates old money snobbishness or antisocial behavior.
The applicant attended Brown University of the Ivy League, so naturally he got the job over the better-qualified UCONN grad.

Ted: "Man, I didn't get into Harvard. No Ivy League for me..."
Bill: "Who cares. Go to BU across the river, experience their diversity, and get a better education."

Will: "Want to go to the Princeton-Yale football game? Classic Ivy League matchup..."
Tommy: "Are you kidding? If I wanted to be bored to death by a three-to-nothing game I'd watch soccer on TV."

Francis: "I had a 4.0 GPA, was the student body president of my class, and hoped to go Ivy League, but I still didn't get into Columbia..."
Sean: "Obviously you didn't. Your last name isn't Kennedy."

The Unabomber earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1962.

Jack: "Look at that sociopath over there talking to himself about philosophical dilemmas."
Jill: "I guess there's a reason why Cornell has the highest suicide rate in the nation..."
by heywood jablome 554 November 22, 2009
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