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Someone who gets stressed over his name being said wrong.
"Hello Ee-vor"
by Eeeegor August 19, 2003
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Ivor is a gentleman. He is a loving and caring guy. He’s loyalty is endless and he is very family oriented.
Ivor bought a pizza for the whole family.
by Zarahfox June 20, 2018
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1. Name meaning: 'Archer's' Bow in English and 'Warrior' from the Old Norse.
2. Commonly used in puerile name-jokes to denote possession of something, which is marmite to the person with the actual name (i.e. loves it or hates it).
1. Judith: Hiya Ivor.
2. Young school chap: Ivor Biggun! hehehehehe
by Rebecca Rocker October 28, 2007
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a rare animal that eats garbage also likes to have sex with monkey and smells like shit.
I saw an Ivor scaving my garbage cans late one night
by Rajjy January 21, 2008
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A person who gets extremely stressed about his name being said wrong, but has the cutest smile and is the kindest person you'll ever meet! He will always do you favours and if anyone is bothering you, especially another male, he will set them all straight. You are his main priority. He is shy at first but when you get to know him he's really loud. He is the best person ever an if you ever meet an Ivor, never, ever let him go! He is very athletic and loves sports as football and basketball. In addition to this, he likes videogames, but he isn't obsessed like all those other boys out there. All the girls throw themselves at him, and he rejects them all except you. He puts you before anyone and anything else! He will text you at the middle of the night just to check you're okay!
Girl 1: OMG IS THAT IVOR!?!?!?!
Girl 2: Yeah Kate's going out with him.
Girl 1 Ugh that Kate, so selfish!

Guy 1: Yo is that Ee-vor?
Guy 2: Yeah that's the weirdest name ever don't you think?
Ivor: *Punches Guy 1 and Guy 2*
by iDoNotWannaBeTracer June 06, 2019
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A small Hispanic kid who's name is based off the one character from Minecraft Story Mode lol
Hey Ivor, I need you to do me a favor and help me wash the dishes.
by Famous_Wolf2099 April 01, 2017
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