A sexy, dazzling queen who likes to be treated like a princess and has a great heart. They typically like to walk in the rain with their king and enjoy being kissed on the forehead. A very rare find being such a beautiful person inside and out yet still extremely humble and down to earth. For every nice molecule in their body they have a bad ass molecule. their bad ass molecule is typically noticed when they want to protect or fight for what they love. (or also whenever something fun is going on) They are known to make everyone laugh and smile: a Ivette will usually tell you STRAIGHT up exactly how it is! Their most compatible mate is a person that is hyper and adventurous just like they are. Ivettes's dont get along with haters but they love them for making her even more famous and more of a queen than they already are: They foreshadow themselves being great spouses and mothers. One viewing of such a person may take your breath away and put you under their love spell. They are beautiful and gorgeous each and every way and know exactly what they want to do in life. They are good at handling all kinds of situations but better at giving friendly and loving advice. In order to love this person you must fit their profile by being a great "man-boy". This person has a heart of gold so she therefore must be taken care of VERY well! A Ivette deserves HONESTY. All they need to survive is peace and love<3
A Ivette is a guardian angel or that star you see twinkle at night when your with the one you love.
by live h8 free<3 September 22, 2010
A beautiful moon goddess with long, wavy night black locks and glossy brown eyes with doll lashes. She brightens up a room when she walks in. Her pink lips can say so much to you. She is truly a treasure that is hard to find.
"Wow! Who is that gorgeous girl?"
"That's Ivett. The only reason she's single is because all the boys are afraid to talk to her."
"What an Ivett! Those are pretty tough to find."
by makeup123 January 24, 2013
She is the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. She takes care of you. She is loving, caring, sweet, funny. Your gonna instantly fall in love with her. She is the prettiest, sexist, cutest girl ever with her dark long wavy/curly hair, her beautiful Smooth Mexican skin, her perfect lips, and her amazing body. It’s amazing when she opens up here goofy/childish side to you. You’ll pry to god she is the one. You won’t be able to ever let go and you hate every moment that your not with her.

( She’s amazing in bed)
Stay away from ivett she belongs to fabian
by Bellybob July 12, 2018
A very holy caring person tht loves being around people and also loves to help out others. She is peaceful and hates being around negative people. She never thinks twice when it comes to talk to people she cares about and she loves loving people.
People like Diane are so unholy they need to have an Ivett as a friend.
by Hdjdowhd bbv July 26, 2018
A goddess-y woman who pretty much excels in everything she sets her mind to, and more. She has a nice rack. She should probably consider a career in the acting, culinary or teaching industry to give her gifts to the world, she might be great starring in musicals, as a matter of fact. Can be shy at times but has a golden smile and is considered to be pretty damn sexy as she's the girl men believe they can never deserve or have. Most girls would like to be an Ivette when they grow up, we should all be as lucky. Suffice it to say, the man who ends up with her has just died and gone to heaven.
Person 1: Who IS that amazing woman?
Person 2: Oh, she's Ivette
Person 1: Figures...
by luxman3 February 3, 2010
French for Yew. Can also be spelled Yvette.
See also: Wonderful and Beautiful Friend who can kick some Hate-Mongers ASS!
To the imbecile who wrote the previous definition, my friend Ivette can kick your ass!
by OOren June 20, 2009
Ivette is one of the most amazing women you’ll ever meet but also hella crazy. She’s a clean freak, OCD, and dangerous if you break her heart. She’s always on her daughter to clean and she loves to clean. She’s very sweet and heartwarming but gets to attached to the ones she loves. Ivette’s have a special bond with animals and has a way to connect with them. She’s a great woman, and mother and will never let you down when you need her most. Has more then a heart of gold but be careful because they can be scary!
Hey Ivette do you wanna go out?

No I wanna clean.
by embryoooo February 23, 2020