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A beautiful moon goddess with long, wavy night black locks and glossy brown eyes with doll lashes. She brightens up a room when she walks in. Her pink lips can say so much to you. She is truly a treasure that is hard to find.
"Wow! Who is that gorgeous girl?"
"That's Ivett. The only reason she's single is because all the boys are afraid to talk to her."
"What an Ivett! Those are pretty tough to find."
by makeup123 January 23, 2013
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A very holy caring person tht loves being around people and also loves to help out others. She is peaceful and hates being around negative people. She never thinks twice when it comes to talk to people she cares about and she loves loving people.
People like Diane are so unholy they need to have an Ivett as a friend.
by Hdjdowhd bbv July 25, 2018
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She is the most amazing person you’ll ever meet. She takes care of you. She is loving, caring, sweet, funny. Your gonna instantly fall in love with her. She is the prettiest, sexist, cutest girl ever with her dark long wavy/curly hair, her beautiful Smooth Mexican skin, her perfect lips, and her amazing body. It’s amazing when she opens up here goofy/childish side to you. You’ll pry to god she is the one. You won’t be able to ever let go and you hate every moment that your not with her.

( She’s amazing in bed)
“Stay away from ivett she belongs to fabian”
by Bellybob July 11, 2018
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