If you quit before the end of the day I'm gonna text you ITYS
by Chissi December 19, 2014
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That drowsy feelin u get after a big ass meal. U usually dont want to do anything or have lost the energy to do so. Recently popularized by black people
If u go over to yo grama's house and she cooks up a good meal like she always does u would get the itis from dat.
by Andre Benjamin December 5, 2007
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“ity already that i dont like to be spoiled
by mxddieee January 27, 2020
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When you become sleepy after eating food or getting some booty.
"Man after I ate that chinese food the Itis whupped my ass."
by Pistalwhipped.net January 28, 2004
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same as it but you accidentally hit the y key when typing
some one hits someone else and says "did ity hurt?"
by davidsmells June 1, 2005
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a shorter way to say italian. it is not a hate word. so fuck off you itialian haters...suck a dick
thats such a cool guy... yea...he must be an Iti
(and yes im 100% Iti)
by Martinelli2 July 15, 2006
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suffix: used on adjectives to define an extreme case of the word.
by Jeffery Lancaster March 23, 2007
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