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Very common in people of African-American decent. It happens when you eat too much, and you feel really lazy and after you sit down you dont want to get back up, so you loosen your belt and catch some zzz's.
Jamal: Yo, Malik, lets go to Dashauns house, he having a party.
Malik: Man, I cant. I just ate.
Jamal: Oh, you got itus right?
Malik: Yeah, I ordered some take out from Mings.
Jamal: That place is the shit, yo.
Malik: Mmmm...
Jamal: Malik. Malik?...Dumbass negro.
by Melbug March 11, 2009
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pronounced eye tus, a conditions that effects many black males, and some whites usually happens after one eats a big meal, a condition of laziness sets in. Productivity is at a all time low. sleepiness sets in right after.
After eating thanksgiving dinner, dat i-tus set in on leroy, he sat on the couch and fell right to sleep.
by bert2 April 16, 2006
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An acronym that stands for I Told U So. Used in texting by teenage girls and dickheads that think they are smarter than you in order to rub in the fact that they were right and you were wrong.
Oh she cheated on you? That's a surprise. ITUS! HAHAHA!
by Barnaby Brownpaste October 12, 2011
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