when the circumfrence of an elephants tail is the same as the amount of water in the ocean. which is the reason why people cheat meaning it's okay don't worry.
B - i can't go today
C- Its whatever
by wuJHFQI May 13, 2021
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what you say when you don't want to share ur true feelings or can't find the right words.
A: So how did that big interview go today

B: I blew it big time, couldnt find the place, arrived late and spilled coffee on my shirt. I left my references and resume at home and on top of that got a parking ticket while i was there

A: That sux

B: *resignedly* its whatever
by everydayluezer June 15, 2009
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A phrase that only the cool kids say. You say "it's whatever tho" if something doesn't really matter or if it isn't a big deal
by Mmmhmmm April 05, 2014
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Guy 1: Are you going to that party tonight?
Guy 2: Its like whatever.

Guy 1: What do think of that girl over there?
Guy 2: Shes like whatever...
by drflubert August 01, 2008
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Used in a way of sexual excitement. Used when someone of the opposite sex asks your name or if your gay its someone of the same sex.
*Keep that up and its whatever you want it to be incounters*

Girl: Hey whats your name

Guy: Keep wearin that miniskirt and its whatever you want it to be.
One family guy episode.

Guy 1: *whips bruce from family guy* Whats your name?!

Bruce: Honey you keep that whippin up and its whatever you want it to be.
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Usually when you're talking to a girl and you do something wrong or something is wrong with her and she gets mad but acts like she dont care
A: haha u cute
A:did i do sum?
b:its nun
A: um r u sure
B: its whatever jus i gtg
by imagirlnibber April 26, 2019
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