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But people always say, "allow me to re-iterate..." and then they say whatever it was a SECOND time...
by Anonymous November 02, 2002
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Stands for "International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor"
Is a fusion project by loads of countries where plasma is heated to 150 mil. degrees celsius and held in place by a magnetic field (the core of our sun is 15 mil.), to start a nuclear fusion of deuterium and tritium which will generate ALOT of energy. The reactor will also be "relatively" safe since, in case of a failure, the plasma will simply cool off.
You heard of that ITER thing they are makin' in France? It's a sun on earth!
by Error503_ March 10, 2020
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The Iter took out her dentures and bit me again; re-iterated, as it were.
by P. Archay December 06, 2017
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/ˈidəˌrādiv,ˈidərədiv/ /rəˈɡreSH(ə)n/
A malapropism often said in error by someone unfamiliar with statistics. The speaker likely means "linear regression".
"Iterative Regression" is said by one trying to sound like a smart data scientist. Hearing this may trigger contempt for the speaker.

Also see: Logistical Regression
Carter's co-worker was "short"-sighted in their abilities. When challenged on the amount of data science she produced the co-worker responded erroneously "We do iterative regression every day".
by Bobby Peach July 10, 2018
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