Someone fine, who turns you on all the time. Sweet as sugar, hot as hell, they really make your penis swell. Sleek and sexy as they row, and then good God, you've blown your load!
She is a constant source of arousal, just one look at her will send your pulse racing and the blood pumping (especially to the area which needs it the most. yes fellas, you're bound to have to cover yourself when this girl walks by)
She is a friend to all, but the leprachauns have a special connection with her. They tell her to burn things. She was the bow of our boat; the first to die in a collision with stupid bloody Walford *die evil men* and has been promoted to stroke seat, where she arouses us all with her fine sexy ass. She is a slave to the simpsons, no one day is complete with out her mandatory Simpsons' quote. whether it be in the showers in the moring, (you'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towell!) or a random simpson song break out, which can happen any time! We all love her, and want to bear her children. I shotgun her as mine! We have some unfinished business to take care of! *Gets naked*
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A perfect girl with many amazing qualities. She loves Disney and all animals, but especially cats. She is sweet, kind, loving, friendly, godly, beautiful, Athletic and smart. Anyone you has a chance to meet Isy or especially if you get to be friends or date her is extremely lucky.
"Wow! Have you met Isy?! She's so amazing and such a great person!"
by USCATLCHA July 17, 2016
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ISYS (prounounced 'eye-sis') is an acronym for "I'm Stoked You're Stoked". It is a a compliment as well as a blessing presented to a sworn friend, usually who one would consider a true "bro".

The word can be physically spoken but is also a term of endearment when communicating textually. A hashtag presented before ISYS, "#ISYS", is equally as rad.

Please note that using hashtags is usually super lame. However, when utilizing '#ISYS' the normal shortcomings are void.
Bro 1: Dude it's fucking nuking in the mountains right now, I'm so stoked to go shred some fresh pow!
Bro 2: ISYS
Bro 1: Thanks, bro

Bro 1: I'm headed to Costa Rica at the end of the month.
Bro 2: You gonna get weird in the jungle?
Bro 1: You know it
Bro 2: How stoked are you?
Bro 1: Soo stoked, man.
Bro 2: #ISYS
by Sasquatch Militia November 25, 2014
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wierd looking girl with blue hair and one eye. she was born in a cave in the netherlands and was adopted but some american hikers. it tends to worship the Danny by considering him a god of some sort.
little girl: mommy what is that??
little girl mom: oh thats an isy. they hail from the netherlands. stop throwing peanuts at it!!
by poopman123466789 August 26, 2008
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stands for "It's Senior Year". ISY can be used interchangeably with "YOLO"; it is used to justify otherwise questionable behavior during the final year of high school or college.
Tony- "I hooked up with another freshman last night. Is that bad?"
Joe- "Not at all man, ISY."
by killemandgrillem69 February 18, 2014
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