Verb. Use this term to refer to someone who steals something and acts like the victim.
I got Israeled yesterday; someone showed up at my door yesterday and said i have to move out coz they own the house now. When i refused they called the cops on me!!! Like wtf!
by bhaddad October 22, 2023
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When someone asks for something from you and then overtime starts claiming that thing was always theirs, when infact it is entirely yours by all laws. When you resist they kill you for it and take everything else you own.
"Ishmail was israeled by Barbara when she asked for his pen and later claimed that his entire stationary belongs to her", Ben said this over Ishmail's dead body to Emma.
by Rickrolled22times November 5, 2023
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Taking something that is not yours then playing the victim when its owner tries to take it back.
He said he wanted to see my watch then refused to give it back and cried to everyone about it. He totally israeled my watch!
by ProjectH October 29, 2023
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When one takes something that legally belongs to another, then the one that takes acts like it was theirs in the first place and plays the victim so you get punished.
Person 1: Yo man, I'm hungry.
Person 2: Have some tangerines!
Person 1: Thank you!
Person 1: *eats every single tangerine*
Person 2: Wait! Leave some for me!
Person 1: Person 2 is trying to take my tangerines!
Person 3: Person 2, do not steal his tangerines.
Person 2: No! I've been Israeled!
by HYPR0ver November 8, 2023
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To steal one's land, property, or belongings and claim it as one's own, then seek the aid of others to further cement the idea of the steal.
I've been israeled like never before. They stole my home and claimed it as theirs and the authority helped them legalize the steal.
by l44b1l November 3, 2023
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To occupy a space and forcefully evict anyone who are currently occupying the space.
I got Israeled when I was peacefully sitting in a table while sipping my coffee.
by Mystery-o November 4, 2023
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when a person claimed something that belongs to you as theirs
Elizabeth: Someone asked to share my table at a coffee shop and then asked me to leave the table because they have a meeting??

Nada: Looks like you have been israeled
by october revolution October 21, 2023
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