In Jamaican slang this is the short for 'praises'. Normally used for greeting someone or to finish a conscious speech.
Isis in the name of His Majesty (here refering to Haile Selassie).
by Mad Meex September 30, 2006
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a group of murderous, evil, depraved, and cowardly pigs in human form
"Did you hear those ISIS pigs have taken Mosel? And they've learned to take human form!"
by CountdeMoney February 23, 2015
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The first of 5 metal puzzles offered by Sonicwarp. Each comes with a set of crypted clues to help you open the puzzle. each puzzle contains a key which will allow you to open any one of the Golden Pyramids, earning you a coin worth upto $500.
Guy: This Rubiks cube is impossible.

Chic: Those are easy, try the Isis puzzle ball. Only 5% of the people can open it.
by SoCalSteve January 26, 2009
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Dude where do I even start with this name right here, Isis is a beautiful name and only the best of the best get it😌periodt. If you’re friends with someone named Isis you are luckyyyy (but I got the one and only limited edition Isis so you’re outta luck) someone named Isis is for sure for sure one of the best-est (that’s not a word which I am aware of but I’m making it one so chill out) friends ever and is probably known for their positive energy and if you EVER mock someone with the name Isis by saying “oH iS iT iSiS LiKe ThE TeRoRiSt?¿” your moms a hoe and you can get hit by a parked car bc we do NOT need that negative energy.
Chill dude #1: dude Isis is like one of the funniest people ever.
Chill dude #2: yea bro I know her vibe is extravagant

Chill dude #1: yea she’s pretty sick😎.

by Xylaaaaa April 29, 2020
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A perfect girl with many amazing qualities. She loves Disney and all animals, but especially cats. She is sweet, kind, loving, friendly, godly, beautiful, Athletic and smart. Anyone you has a chance to meet Isy or especially if you get to be friends or date her is extremely lucky.
"Wow! Have you met Isy?! She's so amazing and such a great person!"
by USCATLCHA July 17, 2016
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Isis is a great (amazingly annoying lol) sister!! She is a very kind and loving person, and is extremely smart. She is always modest about herself and knows just how to make you smile. She can be aggressive sometimes, but its all in good reason:)
Isis is the most amazing person you will ever meet!
by June 19, 2019
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ISIS is a terrorist organization that is known around the world. They are know for killing people, and then being killed themselves. Many people fear ISIS because of their expertise in summersalting, crouching in a a half dead garden and blending into common house plants. They also have a extreme motorcade of white SUV's from the early 2000's. ISIS also have high quality gear such as black robes and pre-used AK47's. Well know for occasionally having sex with goats.
Man 1: Dude ISIS is so scary!
Man 2: I know I am extremely afraid of them being able to summersalt!
by The Silly Chili March 26, 2015
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