A pretty, smart, fun, funny, outgoing girl who is always there for you. People everywhere find her attractive. She has a crooked smile but straight teeth. Pretty dark brown eyes. Shes named after an Egyptian Goddess. Friends can rely on her for anything. When she says she loves you, she means it. If you give her your heart, she wont break it.
Man, Isis is my most bestest friend ever.
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Isis is a pure Goddess. she made everything in the world. isis goes through ALOT of stress and she needs time to think. Don't pressure her. She is very kind and friendly. Just show some affection. She is known to ghost people but its ok because she will come back. And if u didn't know she was one of the first girl Marvel. search it up.
"It is represented by the small theatre and the amphitheatre, the baths near the forum, the temple of Zeus Milichius, the Comitium and the original temple of Isis, but only a few private houses"
by Diana Rodriguez June 10, 2019
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The hottest human being alive. If she's called Isis, then ur lucky bro cuz she's the best.
A: You saw the new girl?
B: Who? Isis?
A: Yeah, no doubt in why thats her name...
B: agree
by thehottestmfalive November 21, 2020
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A really hot mixed girl with a bootyfull ass.
Isys gave me a boner!
by Doggytstyle August 23, 2006
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The filthy sand niggers that blow themselves up because they don't have brains, they also fuck camels.
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a bunch of crazy fuckers who bomb people
ISIS Fucker : Allah Akbar

Normal Person : aint nobody got time fo dat
ISIS Fucker : Blown up
by Staunch, O, Thon June 19, 2015
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