Capital of West Bengal ... Place of Asia's biggest red light area ... Sonaganchi .... Probably this is the reason for calling it

"City of Joy"
by SShhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ January 1, 2018
City in India, a.k.a Calcutta. Capital of the state of West Bengal in the eastern part of the country. Kolkata is known for its association with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

An unimpressive city, some parts are very dirty. Not recommended for visiting.
My flight out of Kolkata was late
by Abhishek Mitra April 9, 2006
Most balanced and loving franchise of ipl owned by king of Bollywood sahrukh Khan.
by April 24, 2021
The Kolkata Sewer Pipe refers to a person’s ring hole. Other names given to the Kolkata Sewer Pipe are: Sphincter, arse (ass), poo shoot, Khyber Pass, crack, bum, crevice and back door to name but a few.
Me mate Timbo has been smashin the porcelain all day. It seems the old Kolkata Sewer Pipe is working over time.

Can also be used as follows: “He always had a fondness for the old Kolkata Sewer Pipe”.
by Davo Koala Pants August 6, 2019
Acronym: KKR. The most inconsistent franchise in the history of the Indian Premier League. Full of underperforming players and governed by a pathetic management team, KKR should not be confused with the show Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff, wherein a cop solves crime cases along with his talking car.

Might also be called KKHAR.
I am a Kolkata Knight Riders fan. I don't exist.
by ticktockmuthafucka April 24, 2021