Ishraq is a name having Arabic root. It means “sunrise”, “daybreak”.

And more figuratively it means “illumination”, “emergence”, “vividness”, "Radiance"
Given the nature of the meaning of the name the name is used for both boys and girls in different parts of the world.
His name is Ishraq .
by Ernol July 19, 2020
A name given to a goddess of a woman. Most likely to be the most gorgeous among her friends and has an intellect on par with her looks. Likely to be short but that doesn't stop her from having a strong, independent and dominating personality.
Me: Dude, did you see Ishraq?!
You : She's so freaking hot bro.

Me: I want to be her friend.

You : I doubt she'd want to be friends with lowlifes like us
by iftar March 6, 2020
A simp who Falls for every Female he Comes across,
Gets rejected but still Carrie's on simping
Ishraq ur a big simp
by Ishraq December 5, 2021
Ishraq is the definition of a giga-chad who possesses extremely amazing characteristics. He has been seen around Akrams house snooping around trying to steal some height from him.
Geez man i wish i was like Ishraq so cool and sexy
by Shreky shreky January 19, 2022
A common name for females of Iranian descent. Hot. No other usage.
"We have a new student, her name is Ishraq, please introduce yourself"

Ishraq: "Hi, I'm from Iran.."

Class: "*gasp*, *muttering* *hot...terr~~~shhhh*"

3 hrs on this. GAH
by JackandBlood February 5, 2010
Ishraq is a sexy boy. He is cute and all the girls will drool over an ishraq. His dick is massive and all the girls would want to gargle it up because it’s so juicy. As soon as someone sees an ishraq, they will turn horny and would want to do something sexual related to him, that’s how sexy he is.
Kyle: Yo, that guy looks sexy
Antonio: I have seen his dick, it’s massive. His name is ishraq
by Imperial College November 3, 2022