Always a warm hearted girl, Good looking, Always there for you, Always close to people called Harrison, Always there to cheer you when your sad, She also Swallows, Most of all she is the Cutest girl in the world!
Isabel is so cute!
by WestyInHD October 16, 2014
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A gorgeous girl with an amazing personality, shes amazing in every way - inside and out.
People are so totally jealous all the time of Isabel and call her a slut and a bitch, but doesn't let hate get to her..
Everyone is attracted to her.
Isabels looks for the personality of a boy, not the face.. but she does flirt with lots of boys and checks out nearly every hot guy that walks by her.
"Did you hear Rebecca called Isabel a slut?!?"
"Ohmygod i heard, if anything Rebeccas the slut."
by LOL LOL LOL HI HAIIIII April 29, 2013
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Isabel is an amazing girl and she's more than perfect. She's amazing in every way and is always fun to be around even if she's in a bad mood. I love her so much. She's my everything. My life. My angel. My world. She has my heart. And my soul. She has the key to my heart and soul also. I would do anything to make her happy. She's my one and only. I love her more than anyone else. She's extremely beautiful, cute, pretty, funny, and sexy. She's amazing. Without her, I'd be nothing. My beautiful Isabel
My beautiful Isabel
by Sky13Bells12 December 03, 2011
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Beautiful, smart, and strong lady, she is very sweet unless you're in her bad side, don't get on Isabels bad side.
Isabel is so strong, she took on aarionna and almost won!!!!
by blubird1103 March 04, 2015
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Isabel is the best girlfriend you could ever ask for. She's the most beautiful of them all and you are always proud to be seen with her in public. She is the most amazing girlfriend and also the best friend. You can talk to her about everything and anything. Shell also listen to everything you say. She has the most amazing smile that will never leave her beutiful face. you can talk to her for hours and never get bored. And you can never get her out of your mind. She is by far the best part of your day Oh and she's awesome
by rorie dlog November 14, 2011
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Isabel is so beautiful. She has eyes that can take you to a whole other world. Hair that flows like a river and a smile that could any mans heart melt. No girl can compare with anything she does.
Isabel is so much more beautiful than a sunset over the mountain.
by FromMI2CO- May 15, 2016
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A fun,super sweet girl,and she can make u laugh so hard that you'll pee yourself. She can get a little lez at times but ya gotta lover.
Girl: She was so an Isabel! she got all over me last night at that party!
by MsLadybug1011 November 23, 2011
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