Literal meaning "ill feeling"

To have bad relations with someone or some group
I broke up with her and she has bad blood and wants to kill me.
by Blood bad May 30, 2015
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This term refers to an important, but truly despicable person. A brutal dictator or mafia godfather might be called a "bad blood".
Vladimir Putin is one bad blood, he's murdered a lot of dissidents in Russia.
by Zed Numar July 9, 2021
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Bad blood is when you have beef with someone.
person: "you know Tank?"
2: "Yea, I know that nigga. Me and that nigga got bad blood between us."
by Landy February 5, 2004
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"My brotha' has bad blood. He don't get no betta'.
by chalk757 July 28, 2004
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