The best couple in the entire world. This shipp is gold, you can´t break this two beautiful people apart. Sometimes they act the same and it´s scary but they are perfection so that doesn´t matter. Combination of ''Antônia'' and ''Irigon''. Started as friends from german class, then watched bee movie together and fell in love with each other. 12 is their favorite number.
''I fucking love Iran'' ''Iran is my religion''
by ermelo September 25, 2019
A very unique name, is very funny… sometimes. Very pretty and natural, can pull all the guys she wants, very fun to be around. Is intrigued by every topic & is very humble
Guy : “wow who’s that”

Girl : “That’s Iran”
Guy : “damn I need me an Iran”
The gods of inflation. 1 american dollar is 41850 rial there.

all i can say to that is not stonks
Iran also doesn't like womens rights, that's kinda cringe bro.
by TheDumbAssGuy January 20, 2023
A place that MIGHT be nuclear bombed by America.
by Thishindleisalreadyinuse January 13, 2020
Iran is a place that is not in Canada it a very dangerous country
iran from school
by sandbags of joy January 11, 2020
Iran Aland, is guy, who lives in a rich neighborhood because his dad has a "law office", and has a pet, that is half rat/half dog.
A typical Iran Aland says he does not smoke that much weed, but really he is blazzing it like Snoop Dogg.
Iran Aland, always act like a thug, and calls you an "adem" but really he is dumb as such, an example could be that he makes a fool of you because he thinks he is right, then it turns out he is all wrong, and gets mad when he discovers it.
Iran Aland will always ditch his friends, if a can smoke joints instead.
Iran Aland is a big dick, but his friends still love <3
"El classico is a derby, your are dumb ass shit, you don´t know shit"-Iran Aland
*googles it and says it is not a derby
"Why are you acting up? it is not a big thing, stop acting all smart"
*Iran Aland´s friends shakes heads, knowing Iran Aland smoked a lot off weed yesterday.
"Stop being such an Iran Aland"-Friend
by Bobby Nikkaram September 27, 2019