A beautiful and talented girl. She has excellent IQ level. She loves her with whole heart she just live for him and her family. She also loves her mother very much because she is idle of her life she is a simple hearted girl don't let her go.
by Sia kim November 26, 2021
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Iram is the name of a sweet, innocent and beautiful girl. She is super adorable and cute. She always thinks good for others but sadly people don't always think good for her and instead people try to deceive her. She feels hurt by this but she is always strong enough to get back up and face the world. She is very smart and is a very trustworthy person. Iram will keep your every secret. When she loves, she loves till the fullest extent and will remain loyal. She will always stand by your side and fight against the whole world for you. So make sure you do the same for her. Iram has a beautiful heart. She is beautiful, courageous and intelligent. If you ever meet or get a iram in your life NEVER lose her, there's no one better.
Oh look that's iram
Oh yeah, she's so beautiful

She has a beautiful appearance and beautiful heart.
by Sweet111 November 25, 2021
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A very kind and amazing person, a person who is named iram is usually very strong and incredibly smart. When it comes to his personality there are very few people who are as amazing as Iram. Iram also tends to be very generous and shows lots of selflessness.
That was so kind of you, you're like Iram.
Only someone named Iram could do something that incredible
by Smartass 6969420 November 21, 2021
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Rotalty she tell me she is a royalty and i believe. Iram is meaning toyalty and good person who let you french kiss. She is happy and she is middle age royalry so i will continue to see . If you dont like dont touch.
Iram is royalry i touch because i like xxxxxxxx
by Bdboyxxxxx November 5, 2020
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Beautiful, cute, sweet and honest girl. She is a diamond. A man who marries her is very very very lucky, so look after her.
Who's that angel?

It's iram
Wow, she's beautiful.
by Sweet111 December 7, 2021
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Girl with a strong mind and a beautiful heart.
Prettiest girl u would ever see , carry vibes that u would crave for .
by Rohitxx November 24, 2021
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Iram is the clever and best girl you will ever meet in your life . You may find her rude or a kind of thrash and she is a short tempered person. Iram may look like a play girl too . But its ok , as when you get to know her closely, you will find her to be the sweetest person. When she really loves a boy, she wont show up to others and that boy would be the only person, she will have many fights. Yes, the boy she loves the most is the only one to whome she has lots of fight because she loves fighting and still love him the most.
Boy1: hey look there is a fight going on
Boy2: ayee see thats Iram with love of her life
by Kiami November 26, 2021
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