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Iram means "Paradise" in English and "Jannat" in Urdu.
In Persian folklore it also refers to the story of King Shedad who wanted to compete with God and said that he would create Baghe 'Erum'(heaven on earth).To create this heaven he used up all his wealth and power even snatching from the poor.He made it so beautiful that it was heard to have fountains of wine and milk and rocks of the most precious gems that one could ever imagine. His cruelty is said to have upset God and God decided to punish him,so that he would never lay eyes on Erum. Just when Shedad was about to enter the gates of Erum he tripped on the steps and died on the spot. Erum is said to have been so beautiful that even God adored it and decided to make it one of the seven heavens in the sky.

In Perisan folklore Iram means paradise on earth that God adored so much that he decided to make it the heaven on sky for eternity.
by gardeninheaven77 June 27, 2013
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a sexy bootylicious temptress whose itty bitty waist and the round thing on your face will get you SPRUNG.
Sir Mix-a-lot wrote his song "I like big butts" after he met Iram
by K2 October 20, 2004
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A stagnant, lego-headed, coconut bitch with zero talent and skill at her job. Homewrecking whore with bad hygiene, perpetual victim, and a walking man repellent. needs to be married off and sent back home in a dinghy along with her inbred Mirpurry relatives.
that Iram sure has a square head and ugly face. No wonder she's cyber bullied .

Iram the fat cow needs to stfu!!
by Jeremy Hunt June 24, 2017
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