1 : to fail at something suddenly, unexpectedly and colorfully

2 : to abruptly take your toys and go home
After his proposed fantasy football trade was not approved by a majority of the owners, Andrew hurled a half-eaten chicken strip across the room and gibberred the league. He later finished the chicken strip.
by thefoxx September 9, 2014
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that t-shirt was 10 gibber
by omds January 15, 2021
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To 'gibber' like a gibbon and talk shit.
He's gibbering like a gibbon.
by Dezza July 18, 2003
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-- to equivocate
-- a person prone to equivocation, indecision and starts to talk gibberish before they put their brain in gear.
You don't know what you're talking about and you are a cowardly gibber!
by wclay1 September 10, 2009
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Another name for a newbie who can't play TFC, gets killed a lot and cries about it
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
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To prattle and chatter unintelligibly, usally when feeling guilty or after some sort of wrongdoing
2 days after doing a runner from a taxi driver, his concience was finally pricked, until, like Hamlet's stepfather, he totters from the banquet, ghostly pale and gibbering with guilt!
by Sethmtut June 22, 2008
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A giant butt. Usually well toned and overall very attractive.
Look at the gibber on that girl.

Man, that girl I was dancing with had a gibber.
by Dictionariaste June 26, 2011
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