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White trash with a hair-growth problem that may lead the individual to be mistaken for an ape or other simian. Often demented these individuals rarely leave their room though they are rumoured to make occassional forays outside their habitat for such delicacies as "ciggies" or "coke" (believed to be some type of fruit. These creatures form strong family bonds and will often live with their parents until death. If questioned on this trait they begin to gibber about free "rent" and "food". The beasts also enjoy wallowing in mud and may spend days on end pretending that they are battling imaginary foes.
<intent> kadath is a wanker
by kadath March 31, 2003

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A militant christian who enjoys burning abortion clinics and tasmanians. Quietly spoken in real life and on irc an arkie can lash out with little warning or provocation. They should be especially feared when armed with a bible (and in fact gave rise to the term bible-basher).
<arkie> hi
<kadath> hey arks
<arkie> you wanna die you heathen prick?
by kadath April 01, 2003

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